We are HERE!

And, we are totally swamped with what seems like a never-ending list of projects…geez, we didn’t even end up buying a house that needed a total rehab. Looking back, while I know we could have made it work, I’m glad that we’ve moved into a home that was already livable. With both of us working full-time AND it being the height of summer, we just don’t have a ton of free time. Knocking out walls, replacing pipes and re-routing wires would have been pretty stressful.

We had a small group of our friends help us move all of our stuff in this past Saturday. I can’t believe how helpful they were, and how quickly we were able to get out of our old apartment and into our new house. I don’t think it took more than four hours, and that was with a break for lunch. The past few times we’ve moved it’s either been just Jason and I or the two of us plus one other person. While I am a fairly tough little person, I don’t exercise as often as I should and therefore my puny arms wear out after awhile and result in my moaning and groaning while trying to shove our queen mattress through the door. Needless to say, I’m not always the best helper Jason could have when moving, and it usually ends up being a six or seven hour ordeal for us.

It simply reaffirms the value of community for me. There are so many things in life that we are not meant to just struggle through on our own. Sure, we could have done it ourselves, or we could have hired a moving company or something. But if we have friends who are willing to help, why in the world wouldn’t we want to have them there for this experience? It not only makes moving easier, it makes it actually enjoyable.

Because moving didn’t take us long, we were able to go back to our old apartment and give it a good cleaning. The people we were renting from are friends and it was important to us to leave the apartment in better condition than we found it for their new tenants. I thought I’d feel a little bit more sadness about leaving Riverwest and the little shelter we’ve created for the past nine months, but all I feel is a sense of thankfulness. I’m happy we lived there and experienced the culture of a really eclectic neighborhood. I’m happy we had a safe, peaceful place to stay while we went through one of the most chaotic phases of our marriage.

I will miss climbing the hill at Reservoir Park, and working in my community garden plot just below it. I will miss bundling up and walking through the snow to Alterra in the winter. I will miss seeing the morning crowd outside of Fuel Café. I will miss exploring the trails in the river valley. I will miss the convenience of stopping at Stonefly Brewery on a Friday night for the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. I will miss the Farmers Market crowd on Sunday afternoons, and the Occupy Camp teepee. I will miss being able to walk or bike to the lake with ease.

But I know that all of it is only a ten minute drive southeast, and I also know that we’ll certainly be visiting again. I think it’s sort of in our blood now. I hope Riverwest is still awesome when my kids start spreading their wings and moving out. I would totally nudge them in that direction ;).

Besides, there is SO much we have yet to explore in our new neighborhood. Granted, we are not likely going to find a fair trade coffee shop or a food co-op within walking distance, but that just means we will do other things with our time if we want to be in the neighborhood. I’ll have coffee on my front porch with my neighbor. I’ll grow my own food. We’ll cook up some delicious burgers of our own in the backyard. And while we don’t have a river valley, we DO have a state forest only about eight blocks away.

Right now, I am so excited to go home at the end of the work day. While I’ve never minded my job, lately I find myself counting down the hours until we can go back and enjoy our new community. We already have neighbor kids playing in our huge backyard and using our basketball hoop. It reminds me a lot of the small town that I grew up in – except that it’s a part of a city that I love. This sort of makes my heart melt. We have been blessed with so much and I can’t believe how easy and natural it’s been to be able to share that with the kids in the neighborhood. I know these are all things they probably did before we moved in, and I’m glad to continue the tradition. May we NEVER be the uptight new neighbors who fence off our yard and get over possessive of our blessings.

We have a lot of stuff going on all at once – priming/painting, unpacking, trapping mice, trying to keep my potted plants alive in this heat…so I’ll try to post some updates on our projects as we complete them. You know, except maybe the part about trapping mice (ew). We’re trying to be good about taking before and after photos, but I think we just work so hard that we forget to take a break and record the process.


One Comment to “We are HERE!”

  1. so excited for you two. i cannot wait to read more. ❤

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