So, we have quite a yard:

Do you like our tree house?

300 feet (behind the house) to be exact. There’s a nice little front yard, too.

I always imagined myself having to be super creative with space when it came to gardening. I thought a yard with 100 feet would be rare. I never, ever dreamed I’d have enough space for all of the vegetables I could ever want to grow. For fruit trees. For a chicken coop. And we’ll still have space to roam, space for kids to run, for playing night games.

We’ve been spending most of our free time painting. I had about four hours over this past weekend where I was able to attack an existing garden space that was completely overgrown with weeds (more on that soon) and I planted some potted vegetables that badly needed to get in the ground. Wednesday is a holiday, and I plan on spending the entire day working up the rest of the garden, putting down a layer of newspaper, and mulching over that to preserve moisture. I’m also going to construct a little garden in the back of the lot for strawberries. One of Jason’s co-workers is giving me some heirloom runners, plus I found an existing strawberry plant hiding under all of the weeds that I’ll transplant to the new bed. I’m pretty much over-the-moon-giddy about  FINALLY being able to grow our own food.

But wait, this was supposed to be about fireflies. And it is. See, at the end of the night after we’ve been painting we sometimes just walk out in our backyard, out to the end of the property underneath the mulberry tree. We’ve gotten so used to small yards that all of this space is sometimes intimidating. It’s strange for us to walk to edge of our yard and to be so far away from the house.

And because it’s June here, the fireflies are visiting. The other night, I was running the sprinkler to wet the garden soil before I turned it up and the added moisture seemed to draw more of them into our yard. We looked across the land, and at any given moment we could see two or three of them twinkling at each other.

It’s a beautiful sight to see. I wish I could show you a picture of it but fireflies are somewhat difficult to capture on camera. Maybe I’ll give it a try one of these nights.


One Comment to “Fireflies”

  1. i’m living vicariously through you and your new home ❤

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