Catnip Solutions

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I pulled out quite a bit of catnip that had overtaken the garden area. I don’t know who plants catnip in a formal gardening area, especially one that you want to share with vegetables. I would MAYBE plant it somewhere in the waaaaay back of the yard and let it do it’s thing, but it’s entirely too invasive for my taste to be in the same plot as my veggies.

About 1/3 of the garden was covered in waist-high catnip.

I thought it would be terribly difficult to pull out but it was surprisingly easy. I think the soil was dry and dusty enough that it didn’t have really deep roots. As much as I dislike the thought of growing it, it did seem a bit wasteful to just throw it all away. However, other than sending my cat into spasms of ecstatic reveling, I wasn’t sure if it served any purpose medicinally, especially for humans.

Well, good ol’ Google produced this article about how useful the stuff actually is. Who knew? So, after pulling it out of the garden, I went through and cut several bunches and hung them in the enclosed porch to dry out.

I plan on trying it in a tea sometime before bed to see if it’s helpful. Jason occasionally has problem sleeping (especially when we have too much going on. Like, trying to paint most of the house and tame our huge yard AND unpack) so it would be nice to have something local and natural for him to brew up. I would also like to try throwing some of the dried stuff into the firepit when we have gatherings in the back yard to see if it helps with mosquitoes.

Oh, and of course, Clarice the cat will get some of it. On occasion 🙂


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