Watching the block

It is HOT here in Southeastern Wisconsin. We’ve been experiencing some nasty heat waves on and off all summer, and we happen to be on the tail end of another one. There’s a chance of rain tonight and then things are supposed to cool off for a few days. Whew! During the last heat wave, Jason retreated to the basement to work AND sleep and I didn’t see much of him for a couple of days. So, this time around, we caved and bought a window air conditioner for the large room upstairs that we’re using as an office/studio space. I have to say, it’s been SO nice to have an attractive, semi-organized room that we can retreat to and hang out in when the rest of the house is unbearable. We’ve even been sleeping up there on a memory foam mattress topper.

Last night, after sweating through our clothes to cook up a meal for the week, we made our way down the street to our first ever Neighborhood Block Watch meeting. It was interesting. In terms of crime/urban chaos, we feel this neighborhood is much quieter than some of the areas we had thought about living in. It’s still very “Milwaukee”, and we still have some great diversity, but it has been a relief to not constantly be worrying about your house getting broken in to. Now we know why it’s that way! We have an extremely vigilant Block Watch, as we learned last night. We were kind of amazed; some of the people in the southern half of our neighborhood have been here for over twenty years. A couple of them have adult children that bought houses on the same block.

There were a few things that we were both kind of “eh” about, but I decided it’s not worth moaning over on here. The internet is a smaller world than I once thought it was, and I’m more interested in building relationships with people in the neighborhood than picking fights with them through my blog!

We did get a chance to meet the female half of the couple who lives directly north of us. We met her husband back when we were working on the house before we closed, and their son is constantly out in the neighborhood playing so we know him as well. She seems SO nice. I hope we can have some cookouts together soon. Their son is such a great kid. We’ve been referring to him as Doc Holliday, due to our initial introduction to him roaming around the neighborhood with a huge squirt gun, ha. He and his friends come over and play on our swingset from time to time. It’s lovely.

We had a very FULL weekend, and I’ll be sharing some of what we did soon! Mostly garden and yard stuff, but I really enjoy doing all of that so I hope you don’t mind hearing about it J.


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