Garden Update

I LOVE this part of the summer, where the garden suddenly EXPLODES. Words can’t express how thankful I am to finally have land of my own. I’m even thankful for the mistakes I’ve made so far…because it means that next year I’ll have even more knowledge and can try something new.

Some eye candy for you:

Here was the newly-built trellis bed mid-July. Jason’s business partner gave us some Dahlias, so I added them along with the Morning Glories.

Here it is as of last night! The Morning Glories are starting to climb the trellis. I hope they bloom soon!

Love the little climbers. They remind me of Hawaii, where most of the annual plants here grow wild.

This is what the vegetable garden looked like mid-July. I was in the process of laying down newspaper compost and covering it with mulch from the Milwaukee recycling center (free!). I had to haul it in the trunk of our car, one load at a time! Needless to say, it took a couple of weekends to get it all done.

Two weeks later and stuff has changed quite a bit!

Beans! They grow so easy.

Future pickles

The butternut squash vine is doing awesome, despite an onslaught  of ants:

And the dreaded cucumber beetle. I hung some yellow sticky traps and those seem to be saving the day:

Hopefully, I’ll get to blog more about this awesome non-toxic solution…soon.

Tomato love! I’m using the Florida Weave method for trellising. It’s OK…more on the specifics later.




Russian Black Heirloom

Baby Broccoli, for a fall harvest

And waaaaaay too bitter/peppery arugula. I should have known better and waited to plant it until the weather cooled down. Oh well, I still have some seeds so I can do another round of it in September. In the meantime, I’ll consider it green mulch.

My janky herb bed. Meh. I think I’d like to replace the rocks/bricks with timber so that it matches the existing bed. But, it works for now even if it looks mismatched.

Cilantro! Hopefully it will be ready in time for salsa making.

Sweet baby basil. Also hoping this is ready in time for canning season, so I can make some tomato sauce.

The strawberries. We got some heirloom plants from Jason’s business partner, which are the bunch on the top corner. Nothing was doing really well in here. I think the soil was just too heavy. This past weekend, I dug up the plants and added some manure and hummus to the existing soil. The plants already seem happier, so hopefully that solved the problem.

The front porch/garden. I had every intention of ripping out those ugly spirea bushes on the right and making it into a cut flower garden with cosmos and sunflowers…but by the time we moved in it was too late. Next year!

Sweet potato vine! I love that stuff.

And finally, my mailbox garden. I hope the dahlias bloom soon!

What’s growing in your garden?




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