A Tour! Finally! (Kitchen Edition)

This past Saturday, we had both sides of the family over for a housewarming party. This meant getting our house CLEAN and completely unpacked before they came. As we’ve wryly admitted, it will probably not look this good again, all at once! So, I snapped some pictures this past weekend and wanted to show off some of our hard work.

I thought I would start with the kitchen.

The view when you walk in the side door from outside

From the hallway

Gotta have bunting!

This pretty cheese board was a gift from one of Jason’s aunts. It’s like art!

The view from the sink. Not bad!

We try to keep the counters as clear as we can. The items that we keep out are my blender, the coffee and the grinder, utensils, and the espresso maker. 

Jason hung the pots, which I LOVE. Please ignore the power strip hanging behind them :/

We found this awesome work table on a curb! I love it. Jason is going to install a rack along the bottom shelf for our pot lids.

Sweet thrifty finds – A vintage coffee grinder and an old cheese crock.

Our fridge – we got it for free from Jason’s parents. I printed off a bunch of memes and glued them to magnetic paper. 

The nook. This is mostly where Jason and I eat our meals. If more people come over, we have a bigger table in another room. 

My chalkboard panels that I painted myself, and our aprons. Behind the panels is a spice cabinet. 

My homemade mugs. The one on the far right is my favorite.

Our key holder. I got this at a thrift store sometime during our first year of marriage. 

The canvases are from a thrift store, and the bunches of herbs are mint. The calendar we ordered through Snapfish, using our own photos. 

Flowers from my mom’s garden.

Obviously, based off of my Pinterest board on kitchens, our current one isn’t my “dream” kitchen. More counter space/floor space, a center island with a cutting block, and open shelving is more along the lines of what I’d truly prefer. I’m also not at all a fan of  neutral/pastel colors – I much prefer saturated primary colors OR lots and lots of bright white (off whites and tans make me gag. Blech).

That being said, I am content with the kitchen in it’s current state. The colors aren’t horrible (I actually like the grey, just not so much of it!) and while it’s lacking a bit in counter space, it has a very open feel. We’re hoping to build an addition off the back of the house within the next 5-6 years; it will include a bigger kitchen/dining room area and possibly a bigger bathroom. Until then, I can certainly enjoy what I have!

I need to re-take some photos of the other rooms (some turned out very blurry because I have a crappy camera) so stay tuned for the rest  of the house!

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