Garden Update – September

Back to your regularly scheduled program…
Overall, I’ve had a pretty successful and productive month in the garden, ending with finally having some time to knock out some much-needed chores last weekend. In the past month, I have:

  • FINALLY banished the dreaded cucumber beetles using Neem oil in a spray bottle (more on that in another post)
  • Along those lines, I think I’ve eradicated all of the vines affected by bacterial wilt. Fingers crossed.
  • Started harvesting (a.k.a. eating handfuls) of grape and sunsugar tomatoes
  • Got a rain barrel!
  • Planted some new trees on our property
  • Broke sod for a garden expansion, and planted it with a cover crop (barley) to improve the soil over the winter
  • Planted some fall greens (arugula and spinach)
  • Harvested and preserved my green beans
  • Mapped out my garden plan for next year

But, onward to photos!

Here is the garden at a glance. It was sort of hot that day, so some of the vines look a bit wilty. They sprang right back as soon as the sun was off of them. Note the expanded garden space – all broken up by yours truly πŸ™‚

The herb garden, doing really well! It looks better with things growing in it πŸ™‚

The only squash to have made it this far. All of the others shriveled up from the bacterial wilt. This one will be ready to harvest quite soon. It got so heavy that it pulled the whole vine down in a heavy rain, so I had to give it a hammock.

I have hope for these little guys. They’re not showing the typical symptoms of bacterial wilt, so they may just make it. Maybe I’ll have some more squash this fall!

Pickling cukes. They’re doing really well, and I hope I get to harvest some within a week or two. I’m excited to try fermenting pickles.

The beans did great, but they don’t require much effort. I froze one bag to use in soups/casseroles, and pickled the rest.

Sunsugar tomatoes. They’re OK…next year I think I’m doing only heirloom tomatoes. You just can’t beat the taste.Β 

Grape tomatoes. Again, they taste OK. Better than store bought!

Does anyone know what this is? It grew on it’s own near the hose and I transplanted it to the garden. It’s a vine of some sort.

I potted some rosemary as well as planted some in the garden. I hope to overwinter it.

The Morning Glory trellis is doing really well. I don’t think I’ll get a bloom before the cold weather, though :(. Maybe next year!

Dahlias are finally blooming! They’re HUGE!

The rain barrel! We got it installed for free by a local organization. The pressure is too low to use a hose with it, but it works great for filling watering cans and getting places the hose won’t reach anyway. When I have time, I’d like to paint it πŸ™‚

Our little tree that I got from the grocery store back in April. It’s been living in a pot for months and now it’s finally in the ground. I hope it makes it!

Someone gave us some cuttings from a curly willow tree. I stuck them in a vase and then forgot about them, but they ended up growing roots! I’ll plant them in the ground after they go dormant.

The hostas are blooming. I love them!

Placed my first order with Landreth Seeds. If the squirrels stay out of the garden, we’ll have some late-season greens.

Some of the harvest

Pickled goods

Because I got such a late start on the garden, I probably won’t be able to harvest everything I planted (like the cucumbers). But, that’s OK. I’m already really looking forward to having a full growing season next year. I’ve been researching companion planting and have my garden mapped out with plants that compliment one another better. This is also my first time ever trying green manure/cover crops, and I have high hopes about improving the clay soil this way. As the days get colder and I have less garden progress to report, I’ll be re-capping some of means I used this year to control pests and improve the soil, so stay tuned!




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