Tour de house – Living Room!

That’s right, I’m BACK with the house tour! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this…I needed some better photos of the rooms and in order to take good photos I had to have things somewhat clean and I needed a sunny day and on and on…anyway, I managed to snag photos of two more rooms this past weekend to get me back on track! I also took some outside photos to document the fun stuff we’ve been working on in the yard, so watch for those posts this week!

The living room is a pretty important room, in my opinion. In our little house, it’s the main area we gather in when we have friends over, so it was important for me to feel like I was creating a really welcoming space. When we first moved in, the walls were a dark brown:

The room was cave-like. It felt like all of the amazing exposure from the south and west facing windows just got eaten up in the dark colors. So, we went the opposite direction and inverted both the trim and wall colors – we painted the walls the brightest white we could find, and made the trim a dark brown. Believe me, painting white over dark brown is no easy task! Totally worth the time and hassle, though. Now I feel like the living room is so sunny and warm.

Another thing that was important to me was incorporating lots of color into the room. Neutral colors kind of make me want to vomit if they dominate a space. Shudder. I love bold, primary colors, and so we painted the back wall an epic shade of green and I’ve been incorporating color into most of the decor.

The couches are really nice and sturdy but the design and colors obviously don’t go with anything else in the room. When I have time (and the bravery!) I will be making couch slipcovers out of a natural, tan-colored canvas so I guess I’ll have some neutrals in there. BUT, there are numerous possibilities with the couch pillows for adding color…

We would like to purchase a wood stove sometime soon, to put in the corner where the black chair is now. We agreed that any money we save on our electric bill will go towards the wood stove fund, so I’ve been piling on the layers and blankets while we keep the thermostat at 62 degrees :). A cozy fire is totally worth a few months of chilliness!

Jason is shopping around for a table saw, and then he plans on building bookcases along the northern wall. I’m super excited to unpack all of our books (we have a lot of books!) and have them out when we need them.

I’m really happy with how this room turned out. One of my favorite parts about it is that we don’t have a TV dominating the space! While it would be nice to have one, it’s just not a priority for us right now. We have too many other things to do! When we want to relax, we’re content to just watch a movie on Jason’s laptop.



One Comment to “Tour de house – Living Room!”

  1. your home looks so cozy ❤

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