The Poly House

Like many homes in our north Milwaukee neighborhood, we have a detached garage with an odd little lean-to built off of it. I’m not sure what purpose it served when the house was built; it faces north so you couldn’t really use it as a fully-functioning greenhouse. Besides, did people in the 50’s even have use for a greenhouse? I don’t know.

Anyway, throughout the summer it’s served as a place to toss random gardening odds and ends. I’ve been wanting to clean it up and make the space usable for some time, but never got around to it until two weekends ago. I’d intended to do some outside work but due to heavy rains all weekend I couldn’t. The poly house it was!

I was considering using this space to start my plants in January/February, but I decided the basement would work better because a) it’s warmer down there and b) I’ll have easy access to water. However, I think this will make a great space for hardening off some of my plants in late spring, and it’s nice to have a shelter to throw my potted plants in if the temperature should drop. This is also where I’m planning on storing all of my pots, soil mixes (except for seed starting mix, of course), and other gardening supplies. Maybe someday I’ll procure a nice potting bench and hang some bunting…if we don’t tear the whole thing down and start over in a few years!

Anyway, here’s what resulted after a couple hours of cleaning:

And please, disregard my dying potato vines, ha. I transplanted them from the hanging pots they were in, hoping to overwinter them and not have to buy new ones next year. Obviously, they didn’t handle the transplant well!


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