Tour de House – Guest/Music Room

Although we don’t have a sizable house, we really don’t NEED all of the space that we have. It will be nice if we ever have any kids, but for right now we have the luxury of being able to spread out quite a bit!

The upstairs of our house is divided into two main rooms – the larger room that we use as office/sewing space, and a small room that the previous owners were using as an oversized closet. We decided the small room would be a perfect place to tuck a twin-size bed, as well as our musical instruments.

Neither of us have as much time to play music as we would like to, but I’ve already enjoyed a few quiet evenings hidden up under the eaves in this little space with my guitar. It’s so cozy and private.

It’s also really great to have a dedicated space for a guest to sleep in. In the past, we’ve never really had that. Granted, it’s only a twin-size bed but we have lots of other spaces we could house people if we had to. That’s one awesome thing about having extra room – being able to share it!

The green on the walls is pretty dark, and so I would like to throw some brighter paint on at least some of the walls this winter. We have leftover white, yellow, and red paint, so we’ll see what concoction I can come up with from those choices.


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