Into the Wild

I’m a bit ashamed to say this, but I’ve been so insanely busy doing things at and around the house since we moved in that I haven’t take a single walk through the neighborhood up until this past Sunday! I know, that’s really pathetic when one value you supposedly uphold is community. Gah.

The weather has been mild and sunny lately, so we headed off towards Havenwoods State Forest, which is only a few blocks from our house. Did you know we had a State Forest in Milwaukee? Well, we do. And, I happen to live within walking distance. In fact, the current header for the blog was taken at Havenwoods a few years ago.  I’ve always loved visiting the forest in the past, and I’m really fortunate to have it nearby now.

At a recent meeting with one of the local organizations, the neighborhood coordinator recommended this video to me when she heard about my interest in Havenwoods:

While I knew the land had a bit of a “past” I had no idea it had served so many functions! It’s so incredibly beautiful to think that, after centuries of misuse, Havenwoods is now a huge chunk of nature right in the middle of northern Milwaukee – one that everyone has access to.

I love looking out over the prairies and seeing the dry grass shifting in the wind. I’ve actually NEVER been to Havenwoods in the summer and seen the wildflowers, so next year will be my first time taking in that view.

On occasion, one tiny regret that I have about choosing to live in the city is that I don’t have the same type of “space” that a farmer who owns hundreds of acres does. I can’t just go roam the woods of my land whenever I want to.

But, then I walk the trails here, and realize that I have the very best of both worlds. I have open spaces where you can’t hear the sirens or the chaos, yet I’m only a few blocks from my urban neighborhood. Even better is the fact that this land is meant for everyone – the entire city can share in what it provides. In my opinion, that is so much more valuable than acres and acres of land that only I can use!


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