The Little Things

Blurry Baby Spinach

Harmless Box Eldar Beetle

Tea Towels

Pages from a Landreth’s Catalog

Coffee Bag curtains

Vintage veggie drawings Mod-Podged onto my cupboards

Felt coasters

Mason jars serve many, many purposes

This is the part of home ownership that I’m really, really enjoying. We are past the point of unpacking boxes, and doing major painting projects. Mostly now, we’re just doing normal maintenance things – mowing the lawn one last time, cleaning the windows and gutters before winter, and doing general household chores. This has freed up time for me to periodically add a few little touches to the house, here and there. It feels a little bit more like a “home” every weekend.

Some more “small things” I would like to make happen are more houseplants and more photos on display. Also, I am looking forward to painting the guest/music room this winter. It’s such a small room that I’m hoping to get it done in one weekend.

A not-so-small thing that Jason has started work on is setting up a woodworking shop in the basement. He knocked out one of the walls this past weekend to open up the space a little bit. He’ll likely be taking up quite a bit of the space down there, which I’m fine with as long as I have a little corner for seed starting! I figure that I use a lot of the space in our office/sewing room, and plus he’ll be able to make some nice things with a proper work area. I can’t wait to see it set up and in use! And no, it’s not because I have a “honey-do” list of things I’d like him to build…the poor guy has had to do woodworking in less-than-ideal locations ever since we got married! He once cut the wood for a project right in the living room of our tiny studio apartment. THAT was fun. Speaking from experience, having a large, well-organized space to create in is SO important. I’m glad he finally gets to have that space!


One Comment to “The Little Things”

  1. I relate to your pain of having no space for your husband’s woodworking…Michael once built my Christmas gift on the small patio/deck of our two bedroom apartment before we got a house….

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