Hall Decking

Growing up, we almost always had a real tree in our house – and acquiring one typically meant a day long excursion to a remote Wisconsin hamlet where we tromped through snow (or dead soggy grass, in some years) to find the “perfect” tree. Jason and I still like to tag along with my parents when they do this.

However, in the spirit of building our own traditions, we’ve been trying out a few alternatives the past few years:

Tree branch in a vase

Really big tree branch in a pot

While the tree branches were lovely in their own way, Jason and I were ready for something a bit more traditional. We didn’t buy a full-size pine (too much hassle for just the two of us, in my opinion) but we decided on a small Norfolk Pine.

I’ve been referring to it as out “baby tree”. The part that makes me the happiest is that we can keep it indoors all year round as a house plant. I always felt sort of sad and wasteful when we would drag the cut tree out to the backyard and throw it on the burn pile. If we can keep this little guy alive, I’ll probably never have to feel that way! The only nuance is that the branches are very light – we can’t hang any heavy ornaments on it. Which, honestly, I can learn to work around.

When we moved into our house, my in-laws gave us a box of Christmas decorations that had been in storage. I used the bows to pretty up our front porch, and then cut some boughs from the backyard to fill in the rest. Now, if only we could get some snow to complete the look.

How are you decorating this year?


2 Comments to “Hall Decking”

  1. hahaha. i love that you have pine boughs AND vinca vine in your window box.

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