The Marathon of Christmasness

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of Christmas parties and get togethers for us the past two weeks. First, there was Bakefest 2012. Then, there was the ill-fated house church potluck. Then, I spent a day up in Fond du Lac picking out a tree with my dad and sister and ended up having an impromptu dinner with one of my dearest friends who happened to be in town. Christmas Eve was spent in Madison with Boo’s parents, and then we had our own sweet little Christmas back at our house on Christmas Day. Friday and Saturday we spent with my family (all 15 of us…) and now we’ll end the year with a group of friends from our house church.

Come to think of it, there were quite a few other events that happened on a weekly basis since Thanksgiving. All in all, December has been totally insane, in the best way possible.

I had fun. Some of my favorites were –

Stuffing backpacks for foster kids with our home church:

Taking a snowy walk with Jason through Havenwoods:

Having our own quiet, low-key Christmas together:

My family’s craziness:

And, not pictured: Serving tacos at a men’s homeless shelter with our home church and then meeting up with everyone afterwards for some delicious food in the Third Ward. And no, this time, a lamp post did not fall on our car!

I ate (and cooked!) so much amazing food.

And it’s always completely fulfilling to see my nieces and nephews enjoying their homemade gifts.

There was so much laughter and coziness and warm beverages.

And yet somehow in all of the chaos, Jason and I managed to find time to be a family in our own little house, in our own community. It felt like such a good balance.

Now I’m actually excited for the long, uneventful winter. I’m already making lists of things I’d love to get done around the house! I’m planning on spending New Years Day setting up my seed starting area. The weekend after I’ll be starting the prep work for painting the guest room. And there’s always those darn slipcovers for the couches…at least I finally bought some material!

Here’s hoping that you all have an amazing New Year.

And yes, despite his odd stance in this photo, my husband is actually very loving and affectionate, ha!


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