But it’s just a little room…Part 1

On our chalkboard in the kitchen, I’ve written out a list of some things I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Seedling Area – I bought the FINAL piece this past weekend (a timer to make the lights/heating tubs go on and off at the same times every day) and I just need to assemble the heating tubs, which simply involves drilling some holes, laying out the rope lights, and covering them with sand. Next weekend, I will be starting onions, red and purple cabbage, and two different types of broccoli. And hopefully, I’ll be taking photos of the whole things up and running. Are you excited? I’m excited.
  2. Meal plan up to April 2013 – Done. We plan our meals, at least in the months when the garden isn’t providing. It saves us a lot of time throughout the week, and hopefully saves us money. I’ll be doing a blog post about that soon.
  3. Deep clean the kitchen – Done this past weekend. Whew. Me and my husband armed ourselves with spray bottles of vinegar and scoured every surface. We also re-arranged a bit in the cupboards and subsequently gained more counter space. Yay!
  4. Sofa covers – Eh. Someday.
  5. Paint guest room – You know, this tiny little thing? I thought it would be something I could knock out in one weekend…

It’s kind of funny. When we moved in, we proceeded to totally repaint four rooms that we felt needed it the most – our bedroom, the living room, the creating room, and the dining room. We didn’t paint the guest room because we didn’t feel like it was a huge priority and we knew we could probably do it over the winter with whatever paint we had leftover. So, yesterday, I decided to start on it. In going through the initial phase of clearing things out and taking all of the nails out of the walls, I noticed that, for a room this size, there was an absurd amount of holes in the walls. It used to be a walk-in closet, and we took most of the shelving done so I guess that makes sense. I guess I never noticed what bad shape the walls were in until I had to get up close and fill in the holes with Spackle. Geez.

Not only that, but as I went around cleaning the wood trim and getting ready to caulk it, I also noticed that the trim is in terrible shape. It’s cheap, dirty, scratched, and covered with a nasty old varnish that’s starting to crackle and get sticky. I had Jason come up and we sat down to brainstorm what to do. Eventually, we decided it was best to do it right the first time around – which for this room, means that all of the trim needed to be sanded, caulked, primed and painted.

All in all, this room was turning out to be the room that needed the most work!

Suddenly, this was not a one-weekend job anymore. It was also not going to be a “use whatever we have lying around the house” endeavor. We hopped in the car and shuffled our way over to the hardware store to buy wood filled, oil-based primer, and a new sanding pad. I needed to get that timer anyway so I guess it wasn’t a big deal…I also got a Potbelly sandwich out of the trip. Win.

We got back to the house around six and I set to work sanding away…for two hours. My shoulders are killing me this morning! It’s all really small pieces of trim, with the exception of the door, so it was a LOT of hand sanding. Plus, I had to sand the filled holes from earlier. After wiping everything down, I started caulking and didn’t stop doing that until 9:30pm. Not only is the trim in bad shape, but there are tons of uneven pieces and huge cracks that need to be sealed up before we paint. I didn’t finish everything before I started getting ready for bed. I will probably be able to wrap that job up tonight and then I’ll leave the room alone until next weekend!

All I can say is that it’s a good thing that room is as tiny as it is.

As much of a pain in the butt as this project turned out to be, I found myself really, really excited to see the finished product – clean lines, no holes, and fresh, bright colors on the walls. I was also remembering, as I stood on a stool sanding the trim along the ceiling, that there was a time I wanted a house to do these type of projects in so much, and felt so sad about the fact that nothing was working out. In a weird way, I’m thankful for all of the hard work that’s going into this.

So, hopefully before February I will have Part 2! Stay tuned.



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