Tour de House – A room to sleep in

I never understand why people have huge, elaborate bedrooms. I mean, I guess it makes sense if it’s a kid’s bedroom because that’s also their “hideout”…but now that I’m an adult and have other rooms to spend time in, I don’t see the sense in big bedroom. We had one once at an apartment that we lived in and a lot of it felt like wasted space. Anyway. Onward.

I’m not typically a “cool” tones type of person, but I did want our bedroom to feel calm and soothing. We chose the bedroom on the northwest corner of the house because it was the quietest room and would be cooler in the summer. Well, the room that we chose was the room of a teenage boy before we slept there and the colors were ANYTHING but cool and soothing!

This is after priming a lot of it. Guys, this room had a teal ceiling, two bright red walls, and two bright blue walls. It was like a circus. And really, who paints a ceiling teal? Gah.

We painted most of the walls and the ceiling a very light grey, which I love for that room but wouldn’t enjoy otherwise. We choose a bold red for the trim, and left one of the blue walls in place.

It’s much better now. We don’t go to bed feeling like we’re supposed to be juggling and blowing fire, ha.

Although I have dedicated this little corner as my gypsy corner. It makes me happy to look at it.

And yes, I have a lot of scarves. Don’t judge me. I think they look good as a decorative element too. So there.

I have a huge closet. I’ve never had this much closet space. All of my clothes are in ONE spot – not scattered in various cupboards and drawers throughout the house. It’s helped me be mindful about what clothes I actually do wear, and I feel I’m getting better about purging the ones I don’t. Jason has a similar sized closet in the front bedroom (which is our “dining room” right now).

In the future, I would like to swap out the blinds with darker curtains. Blinds are ugly, they break too easily, and they’re the biggest pain in the butt to clean. I’d like to use the curtains we had at our old place, but they’re not quite big enough so I would need to get creative and frame them in with some other fabrics.

The one thing I would change is the blue wall. I liked the idea of having blue in the room, but I think I would prefer a deeper, more saturated blue. Jason would rather just paint it grey like the rest of the room, so we’ll see who wins out when we get around to repainting ;).


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