The Seed Starting Area – Part 2!

As promised…here is my (cleaned up) seed starting area. I hope it inspires you to dig in the dirt 🙂

I’d like to paint the walls down there someday, but I’m a bit over painting for awhile and it’s not a priority. The vintage botany prints do a great job of cheering up the space in the meantime.

Obviously, I must be doing something right because I went to check on the newly-seeded trays three days after we planted them and saw this:

Yesterday, this same tray looked like this:

My cabbage and broccoli will be a little bit early, so I’ll have to transplant them into bigger containers to buy myself some time before the ground thaws. I didn’t expect them to grow so quickly! I guess it’s a good problem to have.

The onions are slowly making their appearance in the world as well:

Quick tip: Sprinkling cinnamon over your seed trays helps to amend dampening off. It really works! I had a couple of “fuzzy” cells and after sprinkling the whole tray with cinnamon the problem went away. As a bonus, my basement smells yummy. Of course, it’s always good practice  to water from the bottom and to remove the domes after the seeds start germinating.


One Comment to “The Seed Starting Area – Part 2!”

  1. Your seed starting area looks lovely. I really like the prints on your wall. Also, thanks for sharing the cinnamon tip. I’m definitely going to give that a try when I start my own seeds in a week or two.

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