Join the Challenge!

One of the blogs I follow on a regular basis is Chiot’s Run. Susy is a wealth of practical information on organic gardening. Typically, when I have a question about a certain type of plant or growing method, I go to her blog and type the word into her search bar.

With this being my first full year with a garden of my own, you can imagine my excitement when I read about the 5×5 Challenge that she’s hosting. Obviously, I’m working an area way larger than 5′ by 5′, but in many ways, this year presents a lot of new challenges and opportunities for me. I’m growing at least five new things that I’ve never attempted before: Corn, pumpkins, musk melons, cabbages, and pole beans, to name a few. This is also my first year starting the majority of my plants from seed.

Another way in which this challenge appeals to me is to encourage others to try their hand at gardening for the first time. I will be blogging more about this soon…but I will share a tidbit of my exciting news with you: There is a community garden located in the neighborhood directly south of us (about 8 or 9 blocks away). It’s operated by Agape Community Center, an organization that I’ve been interested in volunteering with since we moved in. I met with the neighborhood coordinator in January, and she mentioned that the current volunteer manager of the garden was looking to pass the torch along to another resident. After giving it a few months of thought, I realized that this was an opportunity I NEEDED to take! I’ll be co-managing the garden with a resident who lives in the next neighborhood south of the garden. I don’t know exactly what the time commitment will be, but I’m ecstatic about being able to show people the miracle of watching tiny seeds grow into a meal. Gah. I’m hoping to be able to offer some one-day workshops about the basics. The best part is that the process of helping others gain more garden knowledge means that I will have to stay on my toes and do a lot of research, which will in turn benefit my own garden.

If you interested in taking the challenge, click the 5×5 Challenge logo on my sidebar and join in the fun!


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