Spring Wins!

I always get a kick out of people who thing of spring as a soft, fuzzy type of season that conjures up images of lambs and ducklings and delicate flower. Obviously, they’ve never gardened :). I love spring, but I love it because it’s a wild, tough season! I love the boldness of flowers growing out of the cold ground and withstanding temperatures that dip below freezing. I love the hard-working birds returning from the south and scavenging the yard for food. I love how the sun is so BRIGHT after a dull winter. I love all of the hard work that goes into waking up the land and getting it ready for planting – the digging, the raking, the long hours spent dropping tiny seeds into a furrow. I love the rains and the swollen rivers, and how almost overnight it seems that the world erupts into a riot of green. Spring has to be tough, it has to fight to overcome winter. And the things that I like best of all is that spring always wins out. Eventually ;).

It was a cold, miserable March here in SE Wisconsin. Thanks to what seemed like a weekly snowstorm, our snow levels are back to average for the year (they were really down). I guess this is good, considering that we had such a dry year last summer. At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

Anyway, I had a nice, long weekend off at the end of the month, and had beautiful weather on top of it! I took the opportunity to clean out the south-facing flower bed and rake the many twigs and dead leaves out of the front lawn.

I also had a chance to sow my first round of seeds in the edible garden (more info to come on that!). The best part of the weekend? By Monday, ALL of the snow was gone from the yard! Hurray!

While digging around in the south flower bed, I found this beauty:

Because we weren’t living here last spring, it’s been a bit of a treasure hunt to see what flowering bulbs already exist in the yard. I noticed a whole parade of daffodils poking out of the ground on the north side of the house, too.

What’s going on in your yard?

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