Remember this post? Well, I thought the worst of the really cold weather was over, and being that I usually plant my greens at the end of March, I had high hopes of seeing little green sprouts within a week or so. I was checking under the burlap every day and dreaming of fresh salads.

Well, nature happened. We were obviously NOT past the worst of the cold weather – the temperatures have been just barely in the 40’s during the day and into the 20’s at night. Not only that, but it started to rain sometime last week and didn’t stop for days. The ground where I planted my seeds was totally soaked with cold rainwater. Not so conducive for germination, even for seeds that prefer cooler temperatures.

I don’t understand my tendency to assume the worst. I think it’s because I don’t have the hands-on experience to match my head full of gardening knowledge. What seems like a good idea doesn’t always translate into practical application, I guess. At any rate, after going through two weeks of cold, miserable weather, I assumed my seeds were all either frozen or rotting in the ground and that I would need to wait until May to try again. Blech.

However, we did get a break from the rain and cold for a couple of days this week. Last night, when I got home from work, I tromped out to the yard to peek under the burlap, fully expecting to be disappointed…and guess what?

This was happening:

Pink Beauty Radishes. The Scarlet Globes were sprouting, too!

Arugula that I’ll need to thin at some point

Tom Thumb Lettuce

Still no peas or spinach, but from my experience growing spinach in previous years, it’s usually slower to germinate than regular lettuce or arugula. So, I’ll give it some time yet.

All of this is helpful in reminding me that, as much as I try to control things and think that I know better….in the end, nature does just fine despite crappy conditions. I’m just thankful to see some GREEN in my gardens!


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