The Cabbage Patch

While I’m not a fan of squirrels or mice, I do like seeing rabbits around our yard. Their waste is actually really good fertilizer, so unless a pile is in a well-traveled path, I tend to leave their dropping be. I think they’re pretty cute animals, too.

However, they do wreak havoc on a garden if you let them. I know that they are especially attracted to brassicas, and if I wanted to see my cabbage and broccoli seedlings reach maturity, I needed to find a way to protect them.

After doing a little research on simple rabbit-proof fences, Boo and I contrived a design out of PVC pipe and poultry wire. It’s not exactly pretty, but it will do the trick until we build a fence around the whole garden.

We buried the bottom in the ground a good six inches. Hopefully, that should deter the little furballs.

Speaking of the seedlings, they went in the ground on April 14 and got watered in with a dose of fish emulsion. Despite one terribly cold night (lows in the upper 20’s! Yikes!) they’ve held up just fine.

I’ll be planting some marigold and nasturtiums in the frame when the weather warms up. There’s also a row of cilantro sown along the edge, next to the bunny fence. The other half of this garden bed will be an asparagus patch – as soon as I can get some roots they’ll go in there.

I really love the neat, tidy look of a cabbage patch. I’m excited to see these guys grow! I’m hoping for a big batch of kimchee.


2 Comments to “The Cabbage Patch”

  1. I’m curious to know if the six inches of depth on the fencing works. I’ve had the little dickens get under a three inch drop. They are great tunnelers. They made my morning glorys disappear completely.

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