Ramping up

Seed starting is a little tricky! Being that it’s my first year, I’ve had some problems getting the timing right. Most of the things that need to be started can’t be sown too early, or they’ll get leggy before I can get them in the soil. I started my onions too late, my brassicas a little early (although they’re doing alright!) and I almost started my biggest planting too late!

I was supposed to work at my flower nursery job this weekend, but with our cold temperatures they don’t need me to start working just yet. The more I thought about this, the more I realized it was a good thing – this is the weekend I should be starting tomatoes, peppers, and all of my annual flowers. After spending so much time waiting around to do this, I almost completely forgot!

I will also be starting my cucumbers and summer squash indoors because I had so many problems with cucumber beetles last year. I’d like the plants to get past infancy before I set them out, so that even if the beetles return the plants might be strong enough to survive.

I’m excited to start my own flowers this year, too. I’ll be growing marigolds and nasturtiums for companion planting purposes, along with quite a few vines/climbing flowers.

What do you have left to start for the year?



4 Comments to “Ramping up”

  1. I started nasturtiums and marigolds from seed this year too, along with some echinacia and calendula. I really only start squash and tomatos in side. My squash germinated in 2 days (!) and I have super leggy plants now. But, the toms look good. Every year it’s a different set of challenges. Have you tried soil blocks?

    • No, I haven’t tried soil blocks – I heard there’s sort of a learning curve, and I’m a bit intimidated ;). But I am curious about them. What’s your experience been?

      • I used them last year working on an urban farm, and the trick is to get the right compost / soil / water mixture. They need to be sticky, but not too sticky.Takes some practice, but when you get the hang of it I think it’s a time saver. : )

  2. Well, I’ve checked out some youtube videos on soil blocks, and I have to say I’m intrigued! Maybe when my plastic trays start wearing out I’ll invest in one.

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