We have a big Box Elder tree in our backyard that we’re going to cut down at some point. Last summer, we noticed swarms of box elder beetles crawling all over it, and I knew from experience that they would likely be making their way into our house over the winter. My parents had the same trees in their backyard when I was growing up in rural Wisconsin, and every fall the little guys would move indoors.

They’re completely harmless bugs – they don’t bite, aren’t poisonous, don’t spread diseases, and don’t even bother any of our houseplants.  They do smell sort of funny when you squash them, but mostly they’re more annoying than anything.

Clarice has taken to playing with them and batting them around once in awhile, but her passing interest isn’t enough to keep the population at bay. Because I grew up with them in our house, they don’t really bother me – I actually find it entertaining when they turn up in random places (like the bathroom sink!).

They tend to get on Jason’s nerves, though. On Thursday, he went around the house with a fly sweater and decimated their population. When I got home, he apologized for all of the bug carcasses laying around. Ha!

Do you have any harmless pests in your house or yard?


2 Comments to “Invasion”

  1. Well, I do have two young boys…

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