Celebrating Spring

This past weekend, we finally had weather that felt “normal”. Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny, with temperatures in the 60’s. Aside from getting an absurd amount of work done (which you’ll be hearing about over the next few posts), we decided to end the weekend with a backyard fire and cookout – our first of the year!

Anyone from Wisconsin knows that the first time you grill brats is a sign that spring has truly arrived. Jason fired up the grill and we feasted on local brats with all the fixings, a jar of my homemade pickles, and chips with a jar of my dad’s homemade salsa.

We enjoyed our fare and then  sat around the fire passing the guitar back and forth and playing folk music until it got dark out.

This was not only the first time we’ve done this in 2013, it’s the first time we’ve done this in our own backyard since moving in. We enjoy having friends over for such occasions, but once in awhile it’s nice for just the two of us to enjoy our home. It felt a lot like a camping trip – eating our supper and playing music around a fire.

As I sat and looked out over my yard and the garden, I felt so content. Our neighborhood is quiet enough that you can hear so many different bird songs, especially in the evening. Yet we hear “city sounds”, too, and that’s oddly comforting. In a way, it felt like we were celebrating the end of our first year in our home – May 23rd was our closing date. We spent so long moving from place to place that it’s taken me awhile to get past all of the busyness of home ownership and really feel rooted. It’s easy to get caught up in the painting and yardwork and maintenance, and I often forget to just sit still for a little while and feel “at home” here. Sunday night was a good time to do that.


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