The Second Life of a Salad Container

I’m not starting huge quantities of everything that I’m planting, so if I’m only starting one or two crops at a time, it seemed sort of silly to take up a whole flat for twelve eggplants. In a stroke of genius, I decided to try out a method I’d seen on Pinterest:

We eat so much spinach that we always tend to have a few of these plastic containers lying around. Instead of putting them in the recycle bin, why not take advantage of a ready-made mini greenhouse? So far, they’re working really well. I used them to start eggplant and edemame a couple of weeks ago. I keep joking to Boo that they are “his” crops – I’m really growing both because he likes them. However, they are things I haven’t tried growing before in the past and I’m excited to see what happens with them. The eggplant will be planted in the plot I’m focusing on for the 5×5 challenge, and I’m thinking the edemame will be grown in a container on the south side of the house because it likes lots of heat and sun.


One Comment to “The Second Life of a Salad Container”

  1. Hey, first of all: Great blog, I enjoy reading your posts a lot! I had to smile when I saw your little greenhouses, I had the same idea a little while ago and just published an article about diy greenhouses yesterday. It works pretty well! Will definitely not buy any plant pots this year 🙂 Greetings from Germany

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