Cilantro Cheating

We love cilantro in our house. In fact, I grew up loving it, and happily introduced Boo to the wonders of it. My dad often jokes that you could put cilantro on anything – even your cornflakes! While I’m not ready to try that combo, I do like chopped cilantro in omelets, on salads and sandwiches, and in pretty much any Mexican dish.

I sowed some seeds in the cabbage frame Easter weekend, but with our craptastic weather they’ve been really slow to germinate. They’re just now poking their heads out of the ground. To get us by until they’re big enough to satisfy our cilantro needs, I cheated and purchased a 4-pack of established plants at Bayside Garden Center.

I’ve gone this route with basil before, and it sort of ended up being similar to succession planting. We’ll have cilantro well into the summer, if it doesn’t go to seed too quickly. Next year, I’ll be starting some of it indoors so that we can enjoy it early on.

How do you enjoy your cilantro?


One Comment to “Cilantro Cheating”

  1. good work, seems to be loving it.

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