So Sweet

One thing I really, really enjoy doing is making garden art from natural materials. We have quite a few large branches that broke off over the winter, and I’ve been using them to create some structures. My peas will be climbing up a teepee constructed from birch branches.

I also made a trellis to put in one of the front gardens. I didn’t realize how crooked it was until I put it in the ground, but that’s OK. I kind of like it like that. We’ll say that I was going for a more whimsical look ;).

What will be growing on this trellis? Sweet Pea vines, that’s what. I’ve never grown them before. They’re an early bloomer, and they supposedly smell wonderful. I put them right under the dining room window so that we can hopefully enjoy their scent. I think that any type of vining/climbing flower is a favorite of mine – I have five or six other varieties that I’ll be planting when the nights stop getting below freezing. Time to make more trellises and teepees!


One Comment to “So Sweet”

  1. Very cool. I went through a phase where I made twig furniture. It was a lot of fun both collecting materials and actually twisting and contorting twigs into usable shapes.

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