Tree Garden Re-do

Remember this bed that I made last summer?

Well, for some reason, the squirrels seemed to LOVE knocking the logs all over the place and digging around under them. It was a losing battle to constantly be putting the border back together. I eventually gave up and let them do what they wanted.

Well, this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to bother with logs anymore – something sturdier was in order.

I used a collection of bricks that we have lying around – there’s not really enough of them to make a bigger garden border or any sort of path, but they worked well for this project.

During my first weekend at the Berry Patch, I picked up some hardy pansy flowers. I noticed the bumblebees enjoying the yellow ones, so I mostly planted those.

I added a Twister Grass plant for some depth. They are hardy to Zone 5, and we’re in Zone 5b, so maybe it will make it more than one year!

Later on, I may add some Alyssum and Lobelia. I’ll also be replanting Morning Glories on the trellis.

I also think this garden would be a fun place to put in a fairy garden. I’ve been intrigued by them for awhile, and I think it would be a fun feature in our yard.


3 Comments to “Tree Garden Re-do”

  1. Very cute idea for fairy garden, and it gives me a *great* idea of what to do with all of those limbs that I’ve got to dispose of. How I wish I had a big tree like this in our yard, but (alas) we built on an old cotton field. Nothing around but new trees! 🙂

    • I have a love-hate relationship with that tree. It’s so huge and beautiful, but it’s also growing very close to the house and seems to have Dutch Elm Disease. It provides a little too much shade in the garden as well. Someday, it will have to come down :(. However, for right now, I enjoy it and try not to worry too much about a branch falling on the house!

      • Yikes. That sounds like a nasty disease. 😦

        I live in north Alabama. We have to worry about tornadoes flying over and tossing the trees and branches into our homes (gasp)!!

        I guess that’s one good thing about not having trees close by. ha!

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