Magnolias in my yard

The spring that Boo and I were engaged, we took some of our engagement photos under a magnolia tree in Riverwest. Since then, I’ve always felt a certain fondness for them. I think they’re so intense and showy – no other tree in Wisconsin has such huge blossoms! I know they start to smell funny as the blossoms drop but it really doesn’t last long, so I’m alright with that. I think they’re beautiful enough that a little smelliness is worth it.

When we were house hunting, I would always say to myself that one day, when we bought a house, I would like to plant a magnolia tree. On the day that we told the previous owners we wanted to buy their house, we were sitting in their backyard (which is now our backyard) and I noticed a small tree with the distinct large buds. I asked if it was a magnolia, and it turns out that it was!

While we were going back and forth with all of the negotiating and bank craziness, the wife sent me a photo of the magnolia in bloom. It made me feel hopeful in the middle of a pretty unsure time.

So, this past week, the magnolia bloomed for us.

It makes me so happy. I feel like, from now on, the sight of a magnolia in bloom will always make me feel hopeful. It’s so amazing to me that I look out my kitchen window and see one blooming, reminding me both of the anticipation of becoming a wife and of God’s faithfulness during a time of uncertainty.


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