Looking out the window

In most areas of my yard, I would usually wait until after Memorial Day to plant anything tender. However, our windowboxes get HOURS of southern exposure. I swear, that side of the house is a micro-climate. So, I decided to plant some flowers in them and take a chance. As I mentioned in this post, I want to plant flowers that attract pollinators, and I wanted to get a jump on that!

What did I decide to plant?

Lantana – I know for certain butterflies love this one. It has a distinct smell – similar to a marigold, that I think will also attract bees. Instead of growing tall, it gets somewhat viney and lanky. I planted this outside of the kitchen window so we can enjoy the insect show while we eat breakfast.

Verbena – I noticed the bees enjoying this at the Berry Patch. It’s never been a plant I’ve been drawn to before, but I’m excited to see what it does when it gets bigger.

Rocket Snapdragons – they’re a miniature variety that doesn’t get much bigger than 6″.  One of my co-workers at the Berry Patch said it would be a good flower for pollinators.

Not pictured – Ageratum (it wasn’t blooming, so it just looks like a boring green plant right now) and vinca vine.

I can’t wait to sit at the kitchen table and watch the magic happen!


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