Cabbage Patch Update

I’m pretty pleased with the progress of the cabbage patch. The poor seedlings had a slow start after transplanting; the weather got horribly cold and wet. They survived, but they didn’t grow much or look particularly happy to be outside. I’ve also heard that cold, wet weather makes some brassicas more susceptible to pests, and sure enough, I started noticing little chew marks on the leaves of the broccoli and the Gonzalez cabbage. I mixed up a batch of pure neem oil and Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap (which is my go-to pest remedy) and it worked like a charm to clear up the problem. I also gave them a dose of fish emulsion because brassicas are such heavy feeders.

The patch straddles my neighbor’s property, and whenever they mow the lawn I end up with a nice layer of grass clippings! Free mulch! I love it.

Having never successfully grown cabbage before, I can’t say for sure…but I think these guys are starting to form heads! Gonzalez is supposed to be a very compact cabbage.

As is the Red Express I planted.

And look at this! We’ll be enjoying fresh, sweet broccoli in a couple of weeks. That’s really exciting.

I did a total of six broccoli plants – enough for Jason to enjoy it for a week or two, and then some for a couple of meals. If I’m successful this year, I’ll perhaps grow enough next year to freeze some for soups/steaming throughout the year.


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