Pioneer Woman Cherries

We have a pretty rad elderly lady who lives next door to us. She’s funny and tough and is always up for a talk. She has two great dogs that like to lean on the fence waiting for us to pet them. She’s taken to referring to me as the “Pioneer Woman” because she noticed me hanging my clothes out on the line to dry right up until it got too cold (well, our dryer doesn’t work. What else can you do?).

Her lot is the same size as ours, and she has a mature cherry tree towards the back. Last year there were only a few cherries because of the weird spring and dry summer, but this year there will probably be a normal amount. She said that when the cherries come, I’m welcome to pick as many as I want and “do whatever a pioneer woman does” with them. Well, this pioneer woman will likely be making a couple of pies and maybe some jam to share with my generous neighbor!

The tree is in full bloom right now. We can see it from our kitchen window. When you get up close, you can hear lots of bees doing their thing.

It will be really nice to have some fresh fruit to get us by until our own little fruit trees start producing. I’m really thankful for an awesome neighbor!


3 Responses to “Pioneer Woman Cherries”

  1. Awesome. In Hungary, where we currently live, there are fruit trees everywhere, and most folks forgo the large expanses of grass to fill their properties with cherries – both sour and sweet – apricots, plums, apples, pears, etc. In fact, although we live in the middle of Budapest, a city of 2 million, we can wander around the neighborhood and graze on any number of summer fruits.
    It’s interesting, because when you get out of the city into the surrounding countryside, you can tell immediately which homes are owned by long-standing locals and which have been grabbed up by urbanites recently relocated. The properties of the locals are crammed with vegetable beds, fruit trees, and flowers. The Budapestians favor immaculate lawns, presumably because they lack the time, the knowledge, and the skills to cultivate their land. You may imagine which I prefer.

    • Wandering around the city and grazing sounds pretty amazing, if you ask me! We once visited Hawaii and it was the same thing – wild fruit grows everywhere. I kind of feel like that’s the way things SHOULD be – instead of spending so much time and money on beautifully manicured landscapes, businesses and cities should be willing to put in a few fruit bushes/trees.

      I hear you on the perfect lawns vs. producing lawns. Ugh. Coming from a house where 75% of the lawn was used for gardens, I’ve honestly concluded that it’s easier to grow flowers and food than it is to maintain a nice lawn. All that mowing, and all of the chemicals people use to keep it perfect….gosh, I’d rather weed a garden and clean it out once a year any day!


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