From the homeland

Back when we lived in Riverwest, we used to always attend the annual garden tour and ride around on our bikes enjoying the awesome gardens people had created. There was one gardener who was giving out curly Willow cuttings, so I took a few home with me last year. I let them root in a vase and then planted them.

Well,  somehow they got overlooked this past winter while we were cleaning up some dead branches, and we must have run them over and broke off the tops! When the snow finally melted, I figured they were goners. However, I noticed some tiny buds on the remainder of the cutting, so I decided to give it time and see what happened. I put an old frog statue next to them to stand guard so that they wouldn’t get run over again.

It looks like they made it! It’s nice to have a plant from our first neighborhood – it feels like a little piece of Riverwest came up to north Milwaukee with us.


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