A pleasant surprise

To those of you who think that my entire yard is pristine and tamed…well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we have a really ugly area all along the back of our property that we’ve tended to just ignore. It’s where I dump most of the branches/yard debris that I pick up throughout the year. It’s also the dumping grounds for any sod that I dig up, or clay soil that we remove. There’s a small hill just before it, and it mostly blocks the view from the house. Out of sight, out of mind, you might say.

However, while exploring back there earlier this year, I noticed a patch of brambles that looked pretty similar to either raspberry or blackberry canes. Jason was skeptical, but I told him to wait and see.

Sure enough, when I checked back there last week my guess was confirmed. They didn’t fruit last year because of our weird weather, but judging from their progress this year it looks like we may have some berries. I’m 90 % certain they’re raspberry bushes, but it remains to be seen whether they’re red or black raspberries. Time will tell!

It’s a nice surprise to discover back in a forgotten area of the yard.


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