One year ago…

A friend of a friend of ours worked as a realtor for a time, and he once told us that whenever someone was going to close on a home, he would give them a bag of M&M’s the day before the closing. He said this was because people would often wake up in a panic, call him, and need to be calmed down at the prospect of  signing a mortgage! He told them that if they woke up, they should eat a few M&M’s and go back to bed.

So, the night before we closed, I brought this home:

Neither of us woke up in a panic, but it was nice to have some chocolate around during the upcoming weeks of packing mayhem!

We woke up on May 23rd bright and early. Both of us took the morning off; the plan was to go to the bank and sign the paperwork and then eat lunch together.

I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, and then we were off to the bank. It was a warm, sunny day. We arrived early and the couple selling home joined us while we waited for the loan officer. Instead of going through a realtor, we used a real estate attorney, and he was also there for the closing. We spent a good hour signing our names over and over, and then handed over a big check and breathed a huge sign of relief.


Afterwards, we went to Home Depot and tried to pick out paint colors. We had pretty different ideas of what would look good in our house, and I remember feeling upset that we didn’t agree 100% with each other. Now, I look around our house and I’m really happy with the combinations that we chose and with how things turned out. It’s funny that I was so concerned about the fact that we didn’t agree!

We took a walk through a park to kill time before lunch, and then ate at a Hawaiian restaurant near where I work.

In only one year, I feel like we’ve come so far. I’m involved in the community in ways that I only dreamed about before. I have a huge flipping garden! I have plants growing food for us that I started from seed. Our house is a beautiful, pleasant shelter that we share. We’re building relationships with our neighbors.

I am thankful.

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