It’s Thursday, I’m in love

We interrupt our series on preservation tips and tricks to gross you out a little bit and talk about, well, mushy stuff.

Today marks four years of marriage to Boo. It’s neat to me that our closing date was exactly one week before our anniversary – this time of year will always be a time to celebrate how far we’ve come.

It’s been really, really great to finally be HOME. Better than I ever imagined it could be. But the best part has been that, in this past year, we’ve come to feel more at home with each other. Jason feels like my family now, and we’ve made a beautiful home together here in the city.

I love taking little trips – visiting friends, staying overnight at my parent’s house, or working at the Berry Patch. But nothing in the world feels better than walking back into our house and enjoying the way that we live out life together.

Equality in our relationship was always something that was really, really important to me. However, this past year I’ve learned that equality doesn’t always look like us being able to switch roles and carry on without a hitch at any given moment. Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of areas in which we overlap and both do well. But it’s been actually really empowering to find the things that I do really well and see how they fit into our relationship. It’s been just as exciting to see Jason find that for himself, too. We are equal in the sense that we both acknowledge what the other brings to our household, and view those contributions as important and valuable. So while I CAN function well as an individual, I function even better when we collaborate and respect one another’s talents.

Jason is my hardworking farmhand – he takes care of the heavy work that I struggle with, like digging deep holes in our clay soil.


He also does a great job at managing our finances – we’ve been able to make a couple of early payments on our mortgage in the last year thanks to his number wizardry. He has a great ability to plan things out and pay attention to the small details in a project. Not only that, but he does a good portion of the cooking and cleaning. He’s my fishing, canoeing, hiking, music, and road-tripping partner.

What a guy!

Happy anniversary, Boo!


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