Preservation Tips and Tricks – Freezing

In an ideal world, I own both a vacuum sealer and a chest freezer that doesn’t freezer burn everything that I put in it. However, since we do not live in an ideal world, I’ll share a few of my botched attempts at freezing as a preservation method!

The only success I’ve ever had with freezing was when I made a huge batch of soup from these carrots:

I froze the soup into individual-sized portions and enjoyed it for lunch. I think it worked out so well because the house we were staying at happened to have a really good fridge and freezer. Every other time I’ve tried freezing produce (including with our current fridge/freezer) it’s gotten freezer burnt and gross!

I think in theory freezing is a great idea. If done right, you maintain the freshness of the produce more than any other method. Most instructions for freezing produce suggest blanching it ever so slightly and then submerging it in cold water to seal in the flavor. Dry off the excess moisture, and then seal the product in freezer bags, getting as much of the air out of the bag as possible. You can see where a good freezer and a vacuum sealer would really come in handy for this method!

In the future, I would really like to get a chest freezer – not just for vegetables, but for purchasing local meat/fish in large quantities and being able to store them. I also really enjoy frozen fruit in my green smoothies, and how awesome would it be to be able to use mostly fruit that I’ve grown myself?

Being that I don’t have much practical experience to share with freezing, I wanted to share an AWESOME article I came across recently that gives tons of advice and information on using freezing as a preservation method. Makes me want a chest freezer even more 🙂 Check it out!


One Comment to “Preservation Tips and Tricks – Freezing”

  1. You probably know this trick, but to get the air out of the ziploc bags, I’ve found inserting a straw in the corner of a mostly-sealed bag, sucking as hard as I can, then yanking it out and sealing it quickly works reasonably well. But my frozen fruits and veg get pretty mushy, mostly suitable for soups.

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