Cover Crops – They’re all the rage

I mentioned yesterday that I pulled up the Idagold mustard I had seeded earlier in the spring on a newly-broken patch of garden. Not only was it fun and attractive to watch as it grew…it did an AMAZING job of loosening the compacted clay soil. I was seriously shocked. In fact, it looked so good that I decided to use that space to plant my peppers in and free up some room in the other two garden.

Check out that crumb!

My only regret is that I didn’t seed my entire garden in the stuff! Lesson learned: when dealing with clay soils, buy cover crops in bulk and go to town! It also makes a great mulch for my potatoes – apparently, it helps repeal pests that commonly bother them.

Have you ever tried a cover crop? If not, you should!


3 Comments to “Cover Crops – They’re all the rage”

  1. Thanks for the tip on cover crops. I passed along your suggestion to one of my sisters. She and her family recently bought 5 acres and built a house (in Michigan). They made a garden this spring, but found out the soil is full of clay. She’s excited about planting a cover crop next spring, but was wondering if a cover crop could also be planted in the fall, and would there be any advantage to this? Thanks!

    • My understanding of Idagold Mustard is that it can be started anytime during the growing season. It won’t overwinter, but it grows pretty quickly. I planted mine the 2nd weekend of April and pulled it up the first weekend of June – and that was with a terribly slow, cold spring. In fact, I just seeded another area of my garden with it yesterday. I’m hoping by August (maybe in the middle of the month?) it will be ready to be pulled and used as mulch. I’d for sure give it a try yet this year!

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