Nine Sisters?

Now that the weather has warmed up, I planted my 3 three sisters gardens. Does this mean that I technically planted a nine sisters gardens? Or maybe three families of three sisters?

Anyway. This is my first attempt at using this method. It’s also my first attempt at growing corn. With my sketchy nitrogen levels, I’m skeptical that it will actually do anything. However, I know that I can grow beans and squash so I’m not too concerned.

All three of the beds got a good top dressing of compost, and then I mounded the area up and planted the corn in short blocks. When the corn germinates, I’ll plant the pole beans, squash, and melons.

Two of the three beds are located in the plot that I’m using for the 5×5 challenge, so I guess you could say this was the first official planting for that challenge. Here we go!


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