A bit of a lull

After a spring that was WAY too busy for my liking (working two jobs, managing a community garden, and trying to keep up on my own yard), I realized recently that I’ll have a bit of a lull in the next coming weeks. True, there is always work to be done in the community garden, and as soon as the corn gets some height I’ll be planting my melons and pumpkins and pole beans. But other than that, there’s really no upcoming harvesting or preservation, no major planting or digging – just normal maintenance stuff like watering and fertilizing and weeding and mowing the never-ending lawn ;).

All of my major plantings are done until I start seeding some fall crops in late July. The soil has been turned and mulched. The flower beds are doing their thing and starting to look darn good. It even rained quite hard for most of yesterday evening, so I won’t have to worry about watering for a few days. We gave the house a good cleaning last weekend after letting it get away from us for awhile, and now it’s really just general picking up and laundry.

I spent an hour or so just sitting in the porch swing the other night, catching up on some reading. I have to admit, setting up the sitting area in the front of the house has produced exactly the thing we hoped it would – more interaction with our neighbors. I love it.

I want to use this down time wisely, but I also think there’s a lot of value in sitting still when you have the chance to. Like I said, it’s been such a busy spring for both of us. I’m totally fine with “porch swinging” staying around the top of my priority list for awhile.



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