Here comes the compost!

Those of you who guessed “compost bin” in this post were correct! Originally, we were going to make a three-bin system but to make things simpler we’ve decided to just try having a large screened in area with three separate piles in the rotation. The screens Jason is using were in our garage – apparently, you can swap out some of the windows on the poly house with screens in the summer. We don’t really use that space as a “living area” per say, so I was fine sacrificing a few screens for the cause.

I’m so excited to start composting – for a few reasons. We eat a lot of fresh produce and I honestly think that 70% of our waste could (and will be!) composted. Plus, I come across so many cardboard boxes at my job, which will serve us really well for the carbon portion of composting. Not to mention all of awesome final product we’ll end up with! I’ve been needing a good source of fertilizer/soil amendment for my garden that I can acquire cheaply and often.

We’ll also need to build a compost screening system at some point, but it will be some time before we’ve “cooked” enough compost so we have a couple of months.

Do you compost? What method do you use?


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