The Coffee Guy’s Daughter

Happy Father’s Day to my daddio!


When I was working at the Berry Patch this past spring, a woman came in to buy flowers and asked me if I was “the coffee guy’s” daughter (my dad roasts coffee and sells it at the local market, so quite a few people in the area know him). I think she was confusing me for my sister, who is at the market more often than I am, so technically, I’m the coffee guy’s other daughter.

My dad’s a jack of all trades – he taught me a lot of what I know about growing vegetables, playing guitar, and catching fish. He also keeps our pantry stocked with fresh-roasted coffee beans. When I was a kid, I loved starting seeds in the greenhouse with him and tagging along while he tilled his gardens and quite likely got underfoot the entire time ;).

Both my parents played such a huge role in shaping who I am today. When I have questions about rototillers or seedlings or anything vegetable-related, my dad is still the first person I call. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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