Where I’ve been lately

Mostly, I’ve been here:

I have a few posts planned out for the next week, and as always, lots of exciting stuff in the works. Thanks for sticking around!


3 Comments to “Where I’ve been lately”

  1. Love your garden! We are in the process of starting a new veg plot from scratch and I feel so inspired by established gardens like yours♄

    • Thank you! My goodness, I wouldn’t exactly call this an established garden! The raised bed and most of the flower beds were here when we moved in but all the rest of it was dug up in the past year. I still have a LONG way to go!

      • Compared to ours it looks pretty advanced! We still have cardboard and mulch down in some areas. But that’s the joy isn’t it – working to make it all come together and marvelling at what happens and feeling so blessed x

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