June Roses

We have three or four rose bushes growing in the south garden alongside the house. One of them seems to bloom all summer, but the others are June-bloomers only, I think. Last year, everything bloomed early so I really only noticed the one that kept blooming. I had no idea how beautiful this garden could be this time of year!

I prefer a bit more of a tidy look than a cottage garden traditionally offers, but this little section is just the right size and area for a bit of craziness. I’ve never really had much of an affinity for roses, and I don’t think I’ll plant anymore in the yard, but I will try to maintain these guys and keep them looking nice.


2 Comments to “June Roses”

  1. So beautiful! I have not been very successful at getting my climbing rose to grow very tall. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hmmm…honestly, I don’t do much of anything to these roses! I don’t have a lot of knowledge about caring for them, so I just trim back the dead stuff in the spring and let them do their thing. We have a trellis behind the pink one that my husband wove some of the branches into, but they were growing anyway before he did that.

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