These blooms are brought to you by…

When I planted my windowboxes this past spring, I removed a good portion of the soil and added some compost that I’d purchased at the Berry Patch. It’s made by Compost Joe’s, a local operation near my hometown.

I’m really happy with their product – the flowers are doing so well and just keep pushing out blooms. Last year, it seemed like some of the plants in my windowboxes were competing for space and a few ended up dying midway through the summer. This year, EVERYTHING in the box is thriving.

I’ve also noticed that the compost is helping quite a bit with water retention. Even if we have a few days without rain, I can get by without watering them for two-three days.

If you’re in the Fond du Lac are and are looking for a good source of compost, I highly recommend Compost Joe’s. Sarah is AWESOME and has so much enthusiasm about her products. If you want to chat with her in person, she’s usually selling her wares at the Saturday Farmers Market.


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