Lettuce After All!

After my embarrassing admission in this post, I pulled up all of the spinach and arugula and planted the area with Idagold Mustard alongside my cucumbers. I know it grows, it’s good for the soil, and it will smother the weeds. I may try planting a late crop of something in there around September. Maybe I’ll overwinter carrots or beets. We’ll see.

Anyway, the “Tom Thumb” and other random lettuce variety seemed to be doing OK. They were growing slowly, but showed no signs of bolting or legginess. I decided to let them be for awhile.

It looks like we’ll get a few salads from our garden after all! I harvested some this past week for a salad we had at house church. It wasn’t bitter or anything. We’re also getting a few peas that I could toss in there.

It’s nice to know that there’s some grace in gardening šŸ™‚

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