More Hipster Homesteading

I was at it again! Visiting suburban/rural farms and hauling messy stuff in my backseat. This time, it was straw bales for mulching and compost:

Some garden centers sell straw in the spring, but after making several stops throughout the city all I could find was bagged, chopped straw for $12 a bag. Yeah. I got on Craigslist and within ten minutes had gotten in contact with a farmer out in Menominee Falls selling some beautiful, huge bales of straw for $2.25 each. He was out in the field working when I called, and arranged to have his wife meet me back at the house. It was a neat farmstead – totally reminded me of going to Breakfast on the Farm when I was kid. His wife, a stout farm woman, met me in the driveway, clad in patched jeans and a flannel shirt, and escorted me around to the back of the barn, where she proceeded to load two bales into my car for me as I stood there awkwardly rubbing my scrawny arms and stuffing my hands into my fancy jeans. I paid her, thanked her, and went on my way, taking heed of her warning to watch out for traffic on the country road they lived on because it was “just crazy” sometimes. I drove home with the windows open because it was a nice day and quickly realized that I was creating a straw tornado in my car and would have to vacuum the entire thing out.

This straw has been doing a great job of keeping the weeds down in the garden, and now that I know where to buy it cheaply, we’ll be using this for our carbon source in the compost bin.


One Comment to “More Hipster Homesteading”

  1. Compost bin has come alone, I see. Looks good.

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