Busy Bees

Hey friends…sorry for the lack of posts. Summer seems to breed a lot of insanity when you’re a gardener!

I’m happy to say that my back is 95% better. I’m able to run and lift and do pretty much everything I’d normally do with very occasional soreness. Must be all those tart cherries!

While out in the garden the other evening, I noticed that my Bee Balm was in full bloom. The stuff sure does live up to it’s name! There were no less than three bumblebees hanging out on the one plant.

I was starting to worry about the low level of pollinators I was seeing in our yard, but with almost all of the curcubit vines blooming, as well as the tomatoes and peppers, I’m constantly seeing a few varieties of bees in the garden. It’s a very welcome sight!



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