A Bug’s Life

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to see a lot more insect life in my garden – thankfully, not the pesky kind! I’ve yet to see the dreaded cucumber beetle show it’s face. While the ladybugs are long gone, the aphids seem to have cleared away because there’s not many ants roaming the plants anymore. I do see a fair amount of spiders, and surprisingly I’ve seen a lot of these guys in my edible garden this year:

This is a firefly. Normally, we stop seeing them after about a month but even into August we have hundreds of them in our yard every night. They particularly seem to like my garden! I notice them on all of the plants during the day. I’m thinking we must be doing something to create a good habitat for them – which is fine with me because I’ve heard that fireflies are going extinct. They’re not a harmful insect by any means, and some scientists believe they serve some beneficial roles in the garden by pollinating or preying on harmful bugs. It certainly helps that they put on a nice show every night!

This guy is a cicada. They fascinate me! I’m continually amazed at what a sound they can make with such a little body. Plus, I think they’re neat-looking bugs. This one was (quietly) hanging out by my cucumber vines and let me get up close and personal to take this shot. No doubt I’ll find a few molted exteriors later this year.


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