A weekend for planting

We’re at it again! Time for round 2 in the former cabbage patch:

I had some beet seeds on hand, which I planted on the side closest to the marigolds and the Mexican Gherkins. The rest of my order from Baker Creek came this week, too.

In addition to these, I happened to stop at a garden center that still had some seeds in stock, so I picked up a packet of Red Winter Kale and some Swiss Chard. I tend to not intentionally eat either one, but I figured that if I have it in my garden it will motivate me to actually eat it! I really do enjoy both kale and chard lightly steamed and seasoned. It’s a quick and nutritious side dish.

Needless to say, this weekend (possibly tonight!) I’ll be seeding the carrots, beans, chard, and radishes. I’ll wait until it cools down a little bit before planting the spinach, kale and arugula.


2 Comments to “A weekend for planting”

  1. Great choices there by the look of it. I know what you mean about planting, my love of veggies has increased since growing my own. If they are there looking all ‘sparkly’ in your patch you’ll be so proud of them you’ll definitely want to eat them and celebrate your hard work 🙂

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